Is the government using flatbed scanners to spy on us? (I don't think so but I found this interesting).

Scanned journal, 1/6.

Scanned journal, 1/6.

So I’ve been practicing finishing my assignments by scanning journal pages that show more of the process it takes to generate some of my ideas. Last night I went to scan my journal for an upcoming assignment, this time as a 24-bit colour tif as opposed to 8-bit grayscale, which I had been doing up until this point.

The auto-generated scans weren’t showing all of the detail I had hoped for so while referencing the preview in the Epson Scan software, I moved the density adjustments around.

What I realized when I accidentally went way too far was that the scanner had recorded information from a couple pages deep in my book. Hm? Let’s say I mean to scan pages 10-11. By changing the levels, I’m able to see writings from pages 7-14 all in the same scan).

At first I felt a bit unsettled… Then I started experimenting. DUDE COOL!

The process I experimented with made the pages bright yellow and red which made it feel super reminiscent of a 2000s mystery/psychological thriller so I brought the images into Photoshop, inverted them to blue (and cyan…) and gave it a healthy desat in hopes of making them appear less aggressive.

I continued this process for about 8 other journal pages then wrote a blog post (this post) that you’ve just read, possibly skimmed, or maybe never read at all! Either way, thank you and much love :)

Density settings used to scan through multiple pages.

Invert and a kind little desat to lighten the mood.