artist dates.

Four years ago was when I finally started understanding how much I value alone time. Since then, I’ve been practicing this thing called “artist dates.” Once every 3 weeks or so I schedule time to take myself out on a solo date to do whatever I’d like to help refuel my passion and creativity. Going on these dates have been one of the best things I’ve started doing for self-care and I’m always looking forward to them.

On these days I love going to book stores, visiting galleries, going out for dinner, exploring parts of town I haven’t seen yet, etc.

My most recent date was spent at my favourite local vegan restaurant (Pure Kitchen) for early dinner where I painted until 7:30pm. I took a walk down Elgin street and checked out the lights the city had set up in Confederation Park for the holidays. On my bus back home I got lost in a playlist of music I can’t help but bob my head to and wrote more.

Moving forward, I’d love to document these dates more to look back on (I usually spend so much time locked into my journal that I totally forget to give attention to anything else). The images in this post are what I do have from this most recent date.

Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON. Dec 6, 2018.
Quick painting from this date. Dec 6, 2018.