my favourite camera.

This is that camera (and me).

This is that camera (and me).

When I was 10 or 11 years old I got my first “real” camera - a Canon PowerShot SD1000. My mom matched every dollar I had saved up and we bought it from what I remember to be a really sketchy refurbished electronics + more store… my younger brother got one too.

We brought them everywhere and they had fallen victim to way too many pre-pubescent Tumblr-style mirror selfies, stop-motion videos of action figures wrestling, and photo scavenger hunts.

I found the camera in storage a couple months ago and couldn’t help but experiment with it. I’ve fallen in love with it again and use it now again all of the time. This has been the camera I’ve shot all of my experimental short films on, as well as my “VF” (viewfinder) series in my highlights on Instagram.

I love the nostalgic aesthetic of the mid 2000s digital grain and the simplicity of only being able to choose the ISO, JPG size, and white balance. In the age of photography where cameras come with manuals as big as textbooks and endless features and functions, it’s great being able to simplify the process, focus on the creative journey, and let go of the technical mumbo jumbo that we’re usually consumed with.