If I Were A Bird, I'd Lead The Rebellion.

     New series!

     The last few months I've been intrigued by surreal art. For this reason, I've become a fan of photographing subjects floating on black backgrounds. When doing this, my goal is to allow the subjects to not be governed by gravity or any particular orientation. This being said, although I have chosen an orientation in which these images are presented, I encourage the viewer to rotate their perspective as they see fit.

     Although I didn't have any conscious influences specific to this project, it wouldn't feel right not to attribute the heavy influences of Masao Yamamoto, Francesca Woodman, Eikoh Hosoe, Paolo Roversi, and Andy Warhol to my recent work.

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Thank you!

- Ashton S.

If I Were A Bird [...] Outtake, 2018

If I Were A Bird [...] Outtake, 2018