So… what is VOTE ASHTON?? Here’s the thing - I don’t exactly know… right now.

What do you really think?

  It’s easy to think of the world as having way more bad things going for it than good - at least I definitely think that sometimes! People, animals, and the planet are dying so fast, and it feels as though the majority of the world has their eyes locked to screens, often nodding their heads but not implementing actions that create productive change towards bettering the world. I can’t sit back and just watch!

What is this all?

  VOTE ASHTON started as a tongue-in-cheek concept piece that allowed me a platform, free of preconceived notions, to explore an ideal world founded on peace and compassion.

So you’re not actually running for anything?

  All of the “big moments” throughout the life of the project will work their way through over time, whatever those moments or that time frame might be.

  New people and gas station snacks will offer so much more growth and character to the project, giving VOTE ASHTON so much more authenticity and soul.

What’s the point?

  It’ll hopefully start to raise questions, generate conversations, promote mindfulness, and hopefully with that, will motivate actions towards change.

  If you’re interested in following the campaign and it’s evolution, it’ll be documented on my instagram account (@ashtonschofield) and here on my blog!