Updated Website!



    I’m SUPER excited to finally share my updated website with everyone! It has been redesigned to focus on my series work and short films.

    The Home Page will be updated bi-weekly with my most current images, as well as pieces that do not belong to a part of a series.

    The Experimental Shorts tab will also be updated with my very short films when they are made, organized chronologically. I will be posting on Instagram and Twitter when new shorts are out.

    Finally, there are two series I haven't until now shared in full which I have uploaded titled Scanner Series. and Transphobia. which you can find in the Stills section of the site.

    Although I'm really happy with how the site is now, there's always room for improvement so any thoughts/critiques would be much appreciated!

Thanks for reading and please check out the site! - www.ashtonschofield.com

-Ashton Schofield.