#VoteAshton started as a mock political campaign created for a branding assignment in my last semester of college.

It has been many things since, and continues to evolve into a community building project.


After hanging Vote Ashton signs around the college program area and my house, I wasn’t sure where to go next. I thought it might’ve been over. I was okay with that.

At the time this was all happening, we had the opportunity to photograph Madeline and Laura from The Emotional Rescue Show, where they also invited me on the show to talk about Excitement and Vote Ashton. Naturally, I got excited again and the project continued.


Trade Show.

As a part of our graduating year of college, we organize an annual photography exhibition.

Part of VA (Vote Ashton) since the beginning has been to encourage the growth of both individuals and communities, so I chose not to see this exhibition as a time to show off a photo book…

Christine and I redesigned our booth to be a combination of both of our living spaces… as best we could with 10 hours to plan.

Our space displayed her paintings, mixed media, and digital art, and I hosted a VA interactive performance with paper and a recycling bin, QR codes, and a 4x5 inch print of flowers I had taken with a medium format camera.

“Do we care?” was intentionally written plural on the pages I brought to encourage self-reflection and our attempt at creating what we believed to be a safe space was to help encourage a comfortable attitude and open conversations.


To What Comes Next.

We graduated college!

To those who’ve been the most supportive through college and since the very beginnings of Vote Ashton.

An open letter to Christine Lauzon and Dom Gadouas.

The words I’d need to use to accurately describe my adoration and gratitude for these two aren’t known to me yet. Rather than express in prose, I believe a mind map of reoccurring topics and ideas generated in the last 2 years leading up to Vote Ashton would be a truer expression.

Dom, Ashton, Christine. (left to right). Image by Jessica Jackson.

Dom, Ashton, Christine. (left to right). Image by Jessica Jackson.

To what comes next.

Much love

Ashton x



Images taken by local artists of comp cards given out at the grad exhibition.